Plans are well underway for the IFO’s 2018 Delegate Assembly! The final detailed schedule for Friday and Saturday will be publicized after the winter break. A general overview of the schedule is as follows:

The first general session will begin mid-morning on Friday. Sessions will continue, with a lunch break, through late afternoon. A seated dinner and awards banquet will take place from 7 to 9 pm. 

DA resumes Saturday morning at 7 AM with break-out groups by campus, followed by general sessions—again, with a lunch break. DA will conclude no later than 3 pm on Saturday.

Each campus is allocated up to a specific number of delegates, based on union membership on that campus. Total delegate allocations per campus will be published in early December. 

If you know you want to be a delegate for your campus, you should do three things:

1. Make sure you’re a member of the IFO, and join if you aren’t ( >Membership)
2. Read the “IFO DA FAQs” (>Delegate Assembly)
3. Tell your FA President that you’re interested in being a delegate

Once your FA President confirms that you have been selected as a delegate for your campus, come back here and register!