IFO Feminist Issues Committee

The Feminist Issues Committee (FIC) addresses matters of concern to the women in the IFO.

It is imperative that faculty challenge systemic oppression to empower marginalized members through innovative and intentional equity and inclusion initiatives. Faculty must be empowered to lead efforts to foster learning communities that respect the inherent worth of all students, faculty, and staff based on values of justice, inclusion, and equity. We strive for equity within our union to build solidarity, and ensure that our collective voice is an inclusive voice.

Below, you will find FIC updates, a committee roster, and a comment box for you to send comments to committee leaders. 


Valerie Wallingford

Bemidji state University

Valerie is a Professor in the Business Administration Department. 

Margaret Vaughan

Metropolitan state university

Margaret is an American Indian Studies specialist in the Department of Ethnic and Religious Studies. 


Minnesota State university-Mankato


Laurie Blunsom

Minnesota state university-Moorhead

Laurie serves as the IFO Treasurer and is a faculty member in the School of Performing Arts.


st. cloud state university


Southwest Minnesota State University


winona state university


sherrise truesdale

Minnesota State University-Mankato

Sherrise is the Board Liaison to FIC, and is an Associate Professor in the Sociology and Corrections Department and Corrections Program Coordinator.

Please share your thoughts or concerns with the IFO Feminist Issues Committee by using the form below. 

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