Minnesota State Advisory Councils

The Minnesota State consultation structure was developed to adhere to a shared governance model of system management. These councils provide venues where academic and student affairs issues of mutual interest are to be addressed, and allow faculty, students, and professional staff to work in ways that are solution-oriented. In the respective advisory roles, each of the councils play an important part in providing faculty input toward helping identify and refine policies and procedures as well as work with the ASA division to address systemwide issues in ways that positively impact the college and university experiences of students. Below, you will find details of the Advisory Councils and the names and contact information for the IFO representatives for each Advisory Council. Please click here for a complete list of all IFO representatives on Minnesota State Advisory Councils and relevant subcommitees. 

The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) will ascertain the faculty point of view on system-wide academic issues. The committee formulates recommendations for the Board in areas such as: professional development, academic planning, improvement of academic climate and standards, development of grants and consortia, and protection of faculty intellectual property rights. The AAC promotes the preservation of the autonomy, integrity, and unique quality and character of each institution.


IFO Representatives:

Jim Grabowska - IFO President

Jeff Kolnick - Southwest Minnesota State

Cindy Kaus -- IFO Academic Affairs Coordinator, Metropolitan State. 


The Academic and Student Affairs Policy Council provides constituent advice and consultation on proposed Board of Trustees policies and system procedures related to academic and student affairs.

IFO Representatives:

Beverly Hill - Metropolitan State

Gary Starr - Metropolitan State

Matt Filner - Metropolitan State

The Student Affairs Council provides advice and consultation to the vice chancellor for academic and student affairs on emerging student affairs issues as they are received from its related subcommittees and user groups.

IFO Representatives:

Sara Fier - Southwest Minnesota State

OPEN - Please contact Cindy Kaus if you're interested in filling this spot. 

The Academic and Student Affairs Technology Council is the principal group responsible for advising the vice chancellor of academic affairs on all academic technologies that are piloted, adopted, and/or licensed for systemwide use.

They advise and make recommendations on academic technologies including instructional related tools, online learning technologies, instructional media delivery, library technologies, and other instructional academic technologies that have systemwide application.

IFO Represenatitives:

Tom Hergert - St. Cloud State

Michelle Filkins - Metropolitan State

Pat Paulson - Winona State

The Minnesota State Equity & Inclusion Council is the principal group responsible for advising the Chief Diversity Officer on strategies, initiatives, programs, and policies that are planned, piloted, adopted, and/or implemented for system-wide benefit and related to matters of equity, inclusion, and diversity. 

IFO Representatives:

Shannon Miller - MSU Mankato

Ajay Panicker - St. Cloud State

Kim Park Nelson (alternate) - MSU Moorhead

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