Minnesota State Transfer Pathways

Transfer Pathways are curriculum plans created by teams of faculty around the state to ensure that Minnesota State students who complete certain associate degrees can transfer to any of seven Minnesota State universities to obtain a bachelor's degree without losing time and money, and without generating excess credits. Through Transfer Pathways, students enrolled at a Minnesota State college will be able to select from up to 28 fields that will prepare them to major in related four-year bachelor's programs at the Minnesota State universities. 

The pathways were developed by Transfer Pathway Teams in three different waves, starting in the spring of 2016 and the last group beginning their development work in December of 2016. Official pathway templates are approved by the Transfer Pathway Coordinating Team and posted here upon approval. Please note that some of the earlier Transfer Pathways documents have been converted into a new format. The content will remain the same, but we hope that the format will be easier to work with, and that you'll let us know if you'd advise additional changes.

Below, there is a form you may use to send questions or comments to Becky Omdahl, the IFO Academic Affairs Coordinator that is intimately involved with this process. 

Transfer Pathways Teams:

Accounting AS

Addiction Studies -- Pathway no longer being pursued


Biology AS

Business AS

Chemistry AS

Communication Arts and Literature Education AS

Communication Studies AA

Computer Science AS

Criminal Justice AS

Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement AS

Early Childhood Education AS

Economics AA

Elementary Education Foundations AS

Engineering AS

English AA

Exercise Science AS

Health PE for licensure -- Pathway no longer being pursued

History AA

Management Information Systems AS

Mass Communication AA

Mathematics AA

Nursing -- Pathway no longer being pursued

Political Science AA

Pre-Social Work AA

Psychology AA

Sociology AA

Spanish AA

Special Education AS

Theatre, AFA, AA

 Baccalaureate Degree Transfer Pathways – Legislation

During the 2014 Minnesota legislative session, the Legislature directed the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to develop a plan to address certain transfer problems through the implementation of multi-campus articulation agreements that would permit students who transfer with associate degrees associate in arts, associate in science, and associate in fine arts to complete baccalaureate degrees at the system’s universities without accumulating excess course credits.

Please use the form below to send a question or comment to the IFO Academic Affairs Coordinator regarding Transfer Pathways. 

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