Standing Committees

Standing committees are created in the IFO constitution and include a member from each state university campus and a board liaison. 

The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) will ascertain the faculty point of view on system-wide academic issues. The committee formulates recommendations for the Board in areas such as: professional development, academic planning, improvement of academic climate and standards, development of grants and consortia, and protection of faculty intellectual property rights. The AAC promotes the preservation of the autonomy, integrity, and unique quality and character of each institution.

The Contingent Appointments Committee (CAC) addresses matters of concern to faculty with fixed term, adjunct, and community faculty appointments.

The Feminist Issues Committee addresses matters of concern to the women in the IFO.

The LGBTQ+ Issues Committee addresses matters of concern to and the equitable treatment of LGBTQ+ faculty.

The Government Relations Committee (GRC) develops the IFO position on various legislative issues and recommends legislative priorities to the IFO Board.

The Multicultural Issues Committee addresses matters of concern for faculty of color, American Indian faculty, religious minority faculty, and immigrant faculty regarding racial justice, equity, and inclusion.

Continuing Committees

Continuing committees are constituted by the IFO Board of Directors and included in the IFO Operating Procedures. 

The Action Committee is tasked with engaging faculty in the valuable work and efforts of the IFO. The committee builds support, solidarity, and community within the membership of the IFO. 

The Salary Equity Committee addresses matters relating to salary equity and is responsible for overseeing the annual review process and salary studies. 

Salary Equity Committee

The Treasurer’s Advisory Committee (TAC)  establishes and reviews investment policy and advises the Treasurer on budgetary issues, including a full review of the annual budget prior to consideration by the Board.

Treasurer Advisory Committee

The Disabilities Advocacy Committee provides information and advocacy to faculty members with disabilities, especially with regard to the process of making requests for reasonable accommodation.


This caucus was developed by faculty to support and organize faculty of color and American Indian faculty statewide, to mobilize our collective voices to improve the working conditions for faculty of color and American Indian faculty at MN State universities

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