Salary Equity

The average union-represented worker earns 29% more than non-represented workers. A 2016 comprehensive analysis of public-regional-university faculties found the difference a union makes: about $21,000 annually in pay and benefits. The IFO has fought for highly competitive wages, secured regular pay increases, and negotiated a salary review process to ensure you are being paid equitably relative to your peers.

Fair pay is best achieved through collective bargaining and strong union participation.

Campus Salary Equity Presentations

2018 Salary Equity Study

We are excited to announce that the joint IFO/MinnState Salary Review Committee (SRC) is conducting a salary equity study. This study is conducted under Article 11 of the IFO Agreement. It will analyze faculty members’ salaries in comparison to those of their peers based on multiple factors, in order to identify inequities in compensation. Once the study is completed, representatives from the IFO and MinnState may negotiate a remedy for faculty members whose salaries are identified as significantly departing from the expected range based on the independent variables considered in the study.

On Tuesday, February 27 faculty may have received an email from the IFO detailing their experience and credentials, as described in the salary study database. To help ensure the accuracy of the data, we want all faculty that received that email to have an opportunity to review it. If your data contains inaccuracies, please fill out the form below as soon as possible and you will be contacted by IFO staff. You will have until Tuesday, March 13, 2018, to review your personal information and submit any proposed corrections.

If you believe your Salary data contains inaccuracies

please submit the form below to be contacted by IFO staff. 

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The analysis addresses the 2015-2016 academic year (FY16) and examines independent variables related to faculty members’ credentials and experience. The MinnState HR staff, in consultation with IFO staff, has devoted a great deal of work to developing the database describing these variables.  Your review of your data helps complete that process.

However, two important key pieces that will be examined in the study - race and gender - will not be addressed in the email. Both pieces of information are private under state law, so we preferred not to trust them to email. Faculty members may review how MinnState designates their race, ethnicity, and gender online at “Mn State Employee Home,” “My Profile,” “Personal Information.” If your designation is inaccurate, please select a more appropriate one from those provided.

In 2015, the IFO added the Legal/Benefits & Equity Officer position to ensure important but time-consuming work of salary equity reviews are completed and faculty are compensated fairly. We remain committed to our pursuit for equitable and fair compensation and benefits commensurate with our status as professionals.