Why join the IFO?

Your union is strongest when membership is robust, and everyone is engaged. Your union provides job protection, competitive pay, and better benefits for everyone. Join today and keep your union strong. 

Tenure, Academic Freedom, and Quality Education

The IFO contract supports the full protection of tenure and academic freedom. This includes freedom to: develop innovative curriculum; research, engage in civic issues, and report on topics regardless of whether the results are popular; and freely explore and express artistic or theatrical endeavors.  A strong union is the only way to protect these bedrocks of high-quality post-secondary education. 

Fair and competitive Pay

On average, a union-represented employee earns 29% more than a non-represented employee.  A 2016 comprehensive analysis of faculty compensation at public and regional universities found the difference a union makes: about $21,000 annually in pay and benefits. The IFO has fought for highly competitive salaries, secured regular pay increases, and negotiated a salary review process to ensure you are being paid equitably relative to your peers. A strong union is the only way to achieve fair and competitive pay.

Retirement options

The IFO has secured two retirement options for you to choose from: a defined-benefit plan under the Teachers Retirement Association (TRA) or a defined-contribution plan called the Individual Retirement Account Plan (IRAP). In addition to continuously monitoring these options, IFO staff conduct campus workshops and individual counseling sessions to help you make informed decisions on which retirement programs best fits your needs. A strong union protects your retirement benefits. 

The IFO contract mandates a shared governance model, which requires faculty involvement in personnel decisions, budget preparation, and academic policy development. A strong union ensures that your voice is heard when important decisions are made. 

Shared Governance

Union-represented employees are 35% more likely than non-represented workers to have access to health insurance benefits through their jobs.  The plans offered to eligible faculty provide exceptional coverage at a very low cost. The package includes: life insurance, disability insurance, paid parental leave, and paid sick time.  A strong union preserves and improves benefits.  

Health and Wellness Benefits

It is imperative that faculty challenge systemic oppression to empower marginalized members through innovative and intentional equity and inclusion initiatives. Faculty must be empowered to lead efforts to foster learning communities that respect the inherent worth of all students, faculty, and staff based on values of justice, inclusion, and equity. We strive for equity within our union to build solidarity, and ensure that our collective voice is an inclusive voice.

Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

The IFO works closely with lawmakers to advance the interests of state university faculty during budget and policy discussions.   IFO staff track legislation, keep you informed, and equip you with the resources you need to influence public policy.  A strong union brings your voice to the Capitol. 

Legislative Advocacy

The IFO employs an unrivaled legal team with decades of experience in labor law and contract enforcement. These skilled and dedicated advocates effectively represent faculty whose contract rights have been violated. A strong union ensures that your contract rights are enforced.

Contract Enforcement