IFO Contingent Appointments Committee

The CAC was created to address matters of concern to faculty with fixed term, adjunct, and community faculty appointments. The CAC is comprised of one member with a fixed term, adjunct, or community faculty appointment elected or selected from each campus.

Below, you will find CAC updates, a committee roster, and a comment box for you to send comments to committee leaders. 


brenda koneczny

Minnesota State University Moorhead

Kathryn serves as the CAC Chair. She is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Communications and Journalism.


Sarah Young

Bemidji state university

Sarah is an associate professor in the TRIO/Student Support Services Department.  


josefina (jo) li

Bemidji state university

Jo is an adjunct faculty member and Coordinator of the NorthStar Visiting Scholars Academy. 


anna kurjhajec

Metropolitan state university

Anna is a Lecturer in the Department of American Studies.


dalia sulieman

Metropolitan state university

Dalia is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Cybersecurity.

emily sauter.jpg

Emily sauter

Minnesota state university-Mankato

Emily is an Instructor in the Communications Studies Department. 


Minnesota state university-Mankato

K Hinds.jpeg

kathryn hinds

Minnesota state university-Moorhead

Kathryn is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Communications and Journalism.


Jill Zasadny

st. cloud state university

Jill is an English professor. 


alex polacco

St. Cloud state university

Alex is an Instructor in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship. 


Julie Walker

Southwest Minnesota State University

Julie is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies


Ry Marcattilio McCracken

Southwest Minnesota State University

Ry is a faculty member in the Social Science Department. 

WSU FA logo square for print.jpg


Winona state university

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact the Winona Faculty Association.

Alexander Jorgensen

Winona state university

Alexander is a Professor of Political Science and Public Admininstartion. 

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