Government Relations Committee

The IFO Government Relations Committee (GRC) includes faculty from each campus who are tasked with sending legislative recommendations to the IFO Board of Directors. Recently, the GRC developed a statement of Legislative Policy Principles that guide the ongoing advocacy efforts of our organization. For recent updates about the IFO legislative advocacy efforts please click here

Below, you will find the full roster of the IFO GRC as well as a comment box where you can share your thoughts with the committee. 

2019-2020 IFO GRC Roster


Steve Carlson

Bemidji state university

Steve is a Professor in the Music Department. 


dennis lunt

BEmidji state university

Dennis is an assistant professor of philosophy and leadership studies. Dennis serves as GRC Co-Chair.

Kathleen Cole.jpg

Kathleen Cole

Metropolitan state university

Kathleen serves as the GRC Co-Chair. She is an Assistant Professor of Political Science.


Yun-Ting Hung

Metropolitan state university

Yun-Ting is an associate professor in the School of Urban Education.


Martin mitchell

Minnesota state university-Mankato

Marty is a Professor of Geography.


Fred Slocum

Minnesota state university-Mankato

Fred is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Government.

Annette Morrow.jpg


minnesota state university-Moorhead

deb white.gif

Deborah White 

minnesota state university-Moorhead

Deb is a Professor of Sociology.

Ajay Panicker.jpg

Ajay Panicker

st. cloud state university

Ajay serves as the Board Liaison to GRC. He is a professor in the Sociology Department.




Shawn is an Assistant Professor of Political Science.


dick andzenge

St. Cloud state university

Dick is a Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice Studies.


David Sturrock

Southwest Minnesota state university

David  is a Professor of Political Science. 

Tom Williford.jpg

Tom Williford

Southwest Minnesota State University

Tom is a Professor of History.


Jenna Chernega

Winona state university

Jennifer serves as the Winona State Faculty Association President and is a Professor of Sociology. 

Kendall Larson

Winona State University

Kendall is a Digital Collections & Initiatives Librarian.

Please share your thoughts or concerns with the IFO Government Relations Committee by using the form below. 

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