IFO Governing Documents

The IFO is proud to be a grassroots led organization that values and responds to the input of our members. The operating documents listed below reflect those values and serve as a guide for the efforts we undertake advocating on behalf of faculty.  


IFO Constitution

The constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern the organization. The constitution clarifies the purpose, delineate basic structure, and provides the cornerstone for the efficacy of the organization. The document also allows faculty to have a clear understanding of what the organization is about and how it functions. 

IFO Mission, vision, and values

The IFO mission, vision, and values document was developed by the IFO Board of Directors in 2014 and serves as a framework of our principles and goals as an organization. 

fy16 IFO Audit

The FY16 IFO audit comprises the statements of financial position as of June 30, 2016.