IFO Contingent Appointments Committee Update

The IFO statewide Contingent Appointments Committee (CAC) members met on December 8, 2018, led by Chair Brenda Konecnzy, faculty member with a fixed term appointment at MSU-Moorhead. Dr. Konecnzy also serves as representative for faculty with contingent appointments on the IFO Board of Directors.

The CAC discussed and adopted a plan for membership organizing during the spring 2019 semester, which included the creation of a Coordinator of Organizing position. The committee selected Ry Marcattilio-McCracken, a faculty member in an adjunct position at Southwest Minnesota State University, for the Organizing Coordinator position. Dr. Marcattilio-McCracken will coordinate efforts to organize, with an emphasis on engagement of faculty with contingent appointments during the spring semester. Dr. Marcattilio-McCracken also serves on the IFO Board as a representative for faculty with contingent appointments.

As part of the December meeting, the CAC met with IFO Academic Affairs Coordinator Becky Omdahl in order to provide their input on the Board of Trustees Reimagining Higher Education initiative.

New this year, the CAC had the responsibility to populate an Advisory Committee to the IFO Negotiating Team. The committee selected Kathryn Hinds (faculty member from MSU Moorhead in an adjunct appointment), Heidi Newbauer (faculty member from MSU Mankato with an adjunct appointment), Jill Zasadny (faculty member from St. Cloud State with an adjunct appointment), and Anna Kurhajec (community faculty member from Metropolitan).
As negotiations get underway this spring for the next IFO Minnesota State contract, the Negotiating Team Advisory Committee will begin to meet to review the 2018 Delegate Assembly resolutions pertaining to faculty with contingent appointments. The Negotiating Team Advisory Committee will be a vital resource for negotiators on working conditions for faculty with contingent appointments. The negotiating team will have the opportunity to consult with the Advisory Committee throughout the bargaining process.
Look for more news about the Contingent Appointment Committee’s work in the coming weeks.