Nomination for Outstanding Contributions To The Advancement of Multicultural Issues Within the IFO and/or Minnesota State

The Multicultural Issues Committee (MIC) seeks to recognize an IFO member’s distinguished service and outstanding contributions toward the advancement of Multicultural Issues, based on the following criteria:

An IFO member who:

  • Worked to improve the professional lives of Minnesota State University faculty through service in leadership capacities to create equity and opportunities for faculty of color; or by engaging in anti-oppression, anti-racism or inclusion work; or
  • Worked to improve the system to more equitably recognize, hire, retain, tenure and promote a diverse faculty; or
  • Advocated within the Minnesota State system and beyond on issues with substantial impact for faculty of color, or
  • Provided significant contributions to the IFO through serving in leadership positions on the local or state level in the advancement of multicultural issues, or in anti-racism, anti-oppression, or inclusion work.

Deadline: Nominations must be received by January 26, 2018.

Nominations may be submitted using the form below, by email (, or by mail, addressed to: MIC Nominations, IFO, 490 Concordia Avenue, Suite 125, St. Paul, MN  55103.

MIC Award Nomination Form

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