IFO Organizing Update

As the seasons change, so does the IFO. Across the state universities faculty members are taking time out of their busy schedules to strengthen the IFO by speaking with their colleagues about the important work of the organization. Through this grassroots, face-to-face approach faculty are finding opportunities to work together and participate in the union on a deeper level than ever before.

Faculty at three universities deserve praise for forming an organizing operation ahead of schedule: Bemidji, Southwest, and Winona. These universities have recruited a critical mass of Volunteer Faculty Organizers, received the introductory grassroots organizing training, and started having 1:1 meetings with colleagues. 

IFO members at the remaining four universities are working hard as well. Each of the remaining four have moved closer to recruiting a full team of Volunteer Faculty Organizers and have designated an IFO Statewide Action Committee member, which means the IFO Statewide Action Committee is now fully staffed.

The IFO Statewide Action Committee will function as the main channel for grassroots organizing collaboration between the universities. Action Committee meetings will be an opportunity to share what seems to be working on campuses and crowd-source solutions to the things that aren’t. This spirit of experimentation and collaboration is a critical component to building a successful organizing operation that will serve the IFO for years to come.

I look forward to seeing you on campus soon, and perhaps sharing a delicious pumpkin-spiced beverage.