Academic Affairs Update: Transfer Pathways, Dev Ed, Academic Affairs Council

The Transfer Pathways Coordinating Team met for the first time in the Fall semester on September 8th.   Kim Lynch, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Minnesota State, and Nicole Merz, project manager, have joined the team with Gregg Marg (IFO) and Glenn Merrick (MSCF) continuing on as co-chairs.  The Implementation timeline for the Pathways has been extended and the Pathways will roll out in phases between now and 2019.  The four pilot Pathways, Biology, Business, Psychology and Theater, are being offered at the colleges this fall. Lessons learned from these pilots will be applied to the remaining 23 Pathways during the phased rollout plan. For more information, please visit

The Academic Affairs Council is forming two new committees: The Academic Equity Committee and the Global Education Committee.  The Academic Equity Committee is responsible for advising the Academic Affairs Council on academic priorities relative to eliminating gaps in educational opportunity and achievement system-wide.  The Global Education Committee is responsible for advising the Academic Affairs Council on issues relative to global education initiatives and programs system-wide.  Both committees will need IFO representation so please keep a lookout for more information and a call for volunteers in October. In addition to the new committees, the Council has decided to focus on the following four areas in the coming year; closing the achievement gap, online strategy, transfer pathways and articulation from Associate of Applied Science degrees to Bachelors.

The Developmental Education Committee of the Academic Affairs Council has distributed the strategic roadmap for developmental education to campuses and is now responding to feedback.  The roadmap has been aligned with the 2017 Legislation on Developmental Education.

Please direct any questions or comments to Cindy Kaus, IFO Academic Affairs Coordinator (