MinnState Board Policy 1B.3 on Sexual Violence Review and Comment Period is Extended

A push to update the affirmative consent policy, led by Students United and supported by the IFO, is moving forward. In response to the IFO’s objection to an ill-timed deadline for comment, MinnState’s Chief Diversity Officer Clyde Pickett arranged a meeting with representatives of the IFO and the 2-year and 4-year student organizations. As a result of that meeting, the IFO’s concern was addressed by extending the deadline for comment to February 12, 2018, while also ensuring Students United that the Board of Trustees will move quickly to make its decision on the amendment. The proposed amendment to Board Policy 1B.3 Sexual Violence Policy can be seen here

Thanks to those of you who already have provided comments on the proposed amendment. For those who have yet to submit comments and intend to do so, please send them to IFO Legal/Labor & Equity Officer Kathryn Engdahl at engdahl@ifo.org, who will forward them on behalf of the IFO. If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn by email or at 651-227-8442, ext. 17.

Thank you for your interest and engagement!