IFO Members Overwhelmingly Vote to Approve Contract Settlement

IFO members voted overwhelmingly to approve the 2017-2019 IFO/MinnState contract settlement with more than 98% of the votes cast in favor of the settlement terms. We're thankful and energized by the large number of faculty who participated in this important process. 

Now that the IFO membership has accepted the tentative agreement, the MinnState Board of Trustees is expected to vote to agree to the settlement next week in a special meeting. After the Board of Trustees consents to the settlement, it will then go to the Legislature which must approve it before they adjourn on May 21. Upon the Legislature's approval and with the Governor’s signature, the contract will go into effect. 

The Legislature will convene for the 2018 session on Tuesday, February 20. It is going to be very important that all IFO members contact their legislators throughout the Legislative session urging them to ratify the contract settlement. 

Please click here to contact your legislators and urge them to pass the IFO contract.

Contact Jonathan Bohn with any questions or comments about contract ratification and the Legislative process. You can also read a draft of the 2018 IFO Legislative Priorities and follow along with updates on our website. 

lease click here to see the election results by Campus. 

Thank you again for your continued support.