U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Public Employees - We Will Remain United

A few moments ago, The U.S. Supreme Court overturned four decades of precedent, making it harder for public employees to join together in strong unions to build better lives for their families and communities.

The 5-4 decision in the Janus v. AFSCME case now allows public sector employees to benefit from the hard-fought victories of collective bargaining and union representation without paying for it. The Janus case is the culmination of decades of attacks on public employees by corporations and the wealthy in an effort to reduce their already historically low tax burden and rig the economy in their favor.

Despite these efforts to weaken us, we will remain united.

IFO members have worked hard over the last two years developing strategies to strengthen our union in the face of these attacks. We are confident that our members remain committed to sticking together in our union. IFO members understand that when working people are united in a union, they have the power in numbers to protect academic freedom, raise wages, secure basic needs like healthcare coverage, improve their workplaces, enhance their quality of life, and build stronger communities.

The IFO is only as strong as our members are engaged. We need you, more than ever, to get involved on your campus and talk to your colleagues about the importance of sticking with their union. Below are some ways that you can show your solidarity and sign up to get involved with our campus organizing efforts. 

Take Action on Campus

If you are willing to take action to help save your union, please click here and we will connect you with your campus organizing teams. Reaching out, colleague to colleague, face-to-face will be the key to our survival and success moving forward.  

Take Action on Social Media

We are joined by public employees from across the nation who are showing their unity in the face of this decision. Here are some action steps you can take on social media:

  1. Post a photo holding the IFO Proud Member sign and use the hashtag #Union and #IFOPROUDMEMBER. 
  2. On Facebook, click to add the “IFO Proud Member” profile picture frame.
  3. Post on Facebook and/or Twitter: “I am a proud public employee and #union member. I will not allow the attack by corporate special interests and billionaires diminish the power of me and my colleagues in our workplace. I’m sticking with my #union #IFOPROUDMEMBER.”

Please visit www.ifo.org/janus to learn more about the impacts to the IFO of this ruling.