Campus Equity Caucuses Begin this Fall

My name is Kim Park Nelson and I’m the IFO Equity Caucus Coordinator. This position was created for the 2018-19 academic year to help assist the development of the new campus equity caucuses. As we notified faculty last spring, the 2018 IFO Delegate Assembly changed the IFO’s previous equity committee structure to a more inclusive caucus-based representation for equity groups. This change is an opportunity for faculty of color, women faculty, and LGBTQ+ faculty to advocate for the interests of marginalized faculty within local and statewide governance. These caucuses will also directly appoint or elect representatives to their Faculty Association’s local governing body and to their respective statewide IFO equity committee.

If you are interested in working within your campus caucus or have any questions about how caucus representation works, please contact me.
As your Equity Caucus Coordinator, I’m working to transition our campuses from a committee-based system to a caucus-based system. This means advising on the formation of campus-based caucuses (if needed), as well as working with individuals to organize in local and statewide caucus groups. You do not have to be elected or appointed to participate in your university caucuses, you only need identify as a woman (for the Women’s Caucus), faculty of color (for the Faculty of Color Caucus) and/or LGBTQ+ (for the LGBTQ+ Caucus). Non-members are also invited and encouraged to attend.
This is my 11th year teaching at MSU Moorhead and as a proud IFO member. I’ve been active in the IFO on the Statewide Multicultural Issues Committee since 2013 and am one of the leaders of the Statewide Faculty of Color Caucus. I’m excited about this opportunity for marginalized faculty to be more engaged in their union to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all faculty.