IFO LGBTQ+ Conference: Call for Papers

Call for Papers
4th Annual IFO LGBTQ+ Conference

Digging In, Shoulder to Shoulder: Liberation is an Inside Job
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 • Twin Cities, MN

The IFO LGBTQ+ Issues Committee is proud to announce our 4th annual LGBTQ+ Conference, which will be held on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, in the Twin Cities (host location to be announced). This conference seeks to address the role of LGBTQ+ organizing in relation to unions in Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. We are now accepting abstracts (250 words each) for 20-minute papers, panel proposals (3-4 papers), roundtable proposals (3-5 participants), and workshops that include:

  • the author/authors’ name(s) and title(s), institutional affiliation(s), and email address(es)

  • a connection of the proposal to one of the conference themes above

  • a call to action!

Abstracts must be submitted by Monday, October 29 at https://www.ifo.org/ifo-lgbtq-conference/.

Submissions must relate to one of the following conference themes:

  1. Unions Under Attack: Queers Bash Back!

This theme aims to examine the role of unions in ensuring workplace democracy and LGBTQ+ liberation. In a time when unions are under attack, we need to survive and thrive. Know your rights and recruit!

  1. Queer Ethics: Respectability Politics, Sex Positivity, and Consent

This theme examines the internalized oppression of LGBTQ+ people, the projection of LGBTQ+ people as transgressors, and the radical potential of revolutionary sex positivity.

  1. Solidarity Education for Allies: I’m Here to Learn

This theme aims to provide critical, transformative education for people who hope to engage in the active verb of ALLY.

  1. Truthtelling: Centering QPOC Experiences and Exposing Racism in LGBTQ+ and Feminist Communities

This theme seeks to examine inequities/oppressions within feminist, LGBTQ+, higher ed, and union environments, and invite difficult dialogues to strengthen our movements.

Abstracts must be submitted by Monday, October 29 at https://www.ifo.org/ifo-lgbtq-conference/.

For general questions about the conference, contact Mary Jo Klinker at maryjo.klinker@gmail.com. For questions about the submission form, contact Aaron Lichtov at lichtov@ifo.org.