Supreme Court Denies Request to Hear Lawsuit Brought Against IFO

As we notified you last summer, the IFO is actively defending our union in a lawsuit brought by a self-proclaimed anti-union professor. At each stage of the case, we have proven to the courts that the IFO strengthens the faculty’s democratic rights to associate together freely and to speak collectively on terms and conditions of employment and other issues of mutual concern.
After filing the lawsuit, the professor immediately asked the court to prohibit the IFO from representing our bargaining unit members. The Federal District Court denied the request, and that denial was upheld on appeal. The professor then asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review the Federal Court decision. We were notified recently the Supreme Court has declined to review this preliminary decision. The case will be sent back to the Minnesota District Court for further proceedings. The parties will proceed until the case is adjudicated on the merits of the claims and defenses.

This lawsuit is part of a nationally coordinated strategy by powerful forces aiming to destroy collective bargaining. It is a direct attack on our shared values and collective voice. United, we are powerful advocates – and our nation-wide union solidarity threatens the national anti-labor organizations behind these attacks. Our members know that a strong faculty union is vital to the success of our students and communities. In the face of these attacks, we stand united and will continue our mission of providing an extraordinary education that is accessible and affordable for all. 

We will continue to notify our members of any updates on this case. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.