Action Alerts

ACTION ALERT: Contact Legislators and Ask Them to Fully Fund $10 million Campus Funding

We need you to take action now! The MN House and Senate released their supplemental budget with less than a week before the end of the 2018 Legislative session. The Legislature's plan includes $3 million in support for MinnState campuses. Please contact your Legislators today and urge them to work with the Governor to fund the full $10 million request for campus support. 

Attend Precinct Caucuses on Tuesday, Feb 6

“The world belongs to those who show up,” former state Sen. Jack Davies once famously said.

We need you to show up on February 6 at your local precinct caucus.


On Tuesday, February 6, Minnesotans will gather at neighborhood meetings across the state — called precinct caucuses — to set in motion the important process that will help Democrats, Republicans, and other political parties pick their candidates for Governor, Congress, legislative races, and 4 statewide constitutional offices for the election this fall. Party platforms will also be developed through resolutions that are offered at this first stage. 

Why should you attend? First, your job and livelihood will be decided by the people elected in November. Second, You will meet and engage with candidates running for your party’s endorsement. Third, You can shape the issues that your party stands for so it better represents you and your community. Lastly, you meet your neighbors and talk with them about issues important to you.

This is an important opportunity for faculty to engage prospective lawmakers about the issues that are important to them. We strongly urge all faculty to attend their local precinct caucuses and engage in the grassroots political process.

It is also an important opportunity to support Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan in the straw poll that will be conducted at the DFL caucuses. The IFO proudly endorsed Tim Walz's campaign for Governor in September. 

Also, volunteers will have a chance to be elected to county, legislative district, congressional district, and state conventions in the spring and summer. It is important faculty make their voices heard in this process to ensure higher education, workers rights, and the other issues we advocate for remain top issues for all political parties. 
Please visit the IFO website for detailed information and a draft resolution that could be offered at your caucus. For additional information about precinct caucuses, click here. To find your local caucus site please visit the MN Secretary of State's website by clicking here.
If you have any questions please contact our IFO Director of Public Affairs, Jonathan Bohn.